Set Pre-Order Settings for Multiple Products

The Pre-Order settings in your online store can be set for multiple products all at once. This function allows you to set the same customized parameters for multiple products instead of doing the same settings for each product one by one. Here's how:

STEP 1. In your Pre-Order Hero app, click on the Settings drop-down arrow and choose Product Settings.

STEP 2. Choose your preferred products from the list by clicking on their corresponding boxes. In this example, we choose three products: Insane Shoes, Nice Shoes, and Old School Kicks.

STEP 3. Click the Bulk Actions drop-down arrow and choose an action that would apply to all the three products. In this example, we choose Stop Selling. This means that the three selected products would no longer be available for purchase or pre-orders.

STEP 4. Click Submit.

The Pre-Order Status for the three chosen products will now show Stop Selling.

In your online store, the three products would still show in the catalog, but the Add to Cart or Pre-Order button is no longer visible on their product pages.

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