Manage General Settings for your Online Store

You can manage general settings for your online store and set customization such as how you want texts to appear, set pre-order limits when it comes to quantity, and create pre-order limit messages. 

STEP 1: In your Pre-Order Hero app, click on General Settings.

STEP 2. Scroll down to the General Settings section.

TEP 3. In the Pre-Order Tag field, enter a phrase that will serve as a tag for pre-orders. In this example, we use the default tag, pre-order-hero.

STEP 4. In the Pre-Order Cart Label field, enter a label for pre-ordered items. In this example, we use Pre-Ordered.

This label will appear below the items in the customer's cart.

STEP 5. In the Pre-Order Quantity Limit field, enter the maximum number of items that the customer can pre-order. You can also click on the up and down arrows to choose a number. In this example, we entered 3.

STEP 6. In the Pre-Order Limit Hit Message field, enter a short note that will appear in cases where the customer exceeds the maximum number of items allowed to be pre-ordered. In this example, we use Ooops, only 3 items can be pre-ordered.

This message will appear in the customer's cart when he clicks on CHECK OUT after setting the number of items.

STEP 7. In the Pre-Order Out of Stock Message field, enter a message when the item is out of stock. In this example, we use Oh, needs to restock on this one.

STEP 8. Click on Save Settings.

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