What is Pre-Order Hero?

Pre-Order Hero is a useful app that allows you to manage your customers' purchases and improve your sales, even if the product they wanted to buy is out of stock! It is a simple, easy-to-use app that automatically informs the customer that the product is momentarily unavailable but can be ordered ahead of time by adding the Pre-Order button so that they will be on top of the waiting list. This feature is one way of assuring the customers that they will be able to get their desired product as soon as it becomes available, at the same time, improving your sales by keeping your customers instead of letting them go elsewhere for their purchases. 

Note: As soon as the customer uses the Pre-order function and places his order, he will be redirected to the payment page and should pay right away for the item he ordered. This will be an assurance for you that he will push through with the order as soon as it becomes available. At the same time, an assurance for the customer that the item has been reserved for him and will be shipped to him right away as soon as it is in stock.

With Pre-Order Hero, you can set the pre-order status in general or for each product to the following:

  • Disabled - This will disable the function, so the Pre-Order button will not be visible.
  • Enabled - This will enable the function so that the Pre-Order button will be visible and the customers can place an order ahead of time.
  • Stop Selling - This will stop further sales of the product, so even if customers can still see it from the catalog, the Add to cart button will not be visible and placing an order is no longer possible.

It is also possible to customize the appearance of the Pre-Order button according to your preference. You can change the text on the button, its background color, the tooltip text and color, and the position.